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Jim&Pam FanFiction

There love is confusing but it never gets dull...

14 April 1990
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Dwight is an ignorant slut.
Jim is as gorgeous and adorkable as anything.
Pam glows like a full moon on a warm summer night.
And Michael is as clueless as a deer.
And Jan is just stupid.
Andy is too preppy for his own good but funny either way.
Angela is tight knit and needs to let-loose on Dwight.
Kevin is nothing but hilarious.
Kellie is adorable, like, ohmigod.
Phyllis is sweet as pie.
Roy is like a dumpster rat - ugly, steals, and is hard to get rid of.
Karen is blind.
Ryan is like a storm, looks lame at first but then rains like hell.
Stanley should write his own crossword puzzles.
Oscar is also as sweet as pie... or should I say pink-frosted vanilla cake?
Creed is creed. For sure.
The Office is amazing, bottom-line. Between the characters and all their crazzziiness, they all blend together and form this amazingly bonded workplace that I would die to work in.